Fashion MNIST dataset

Deep Neural Network (DNN) is a basic neural networks which has fast forward characteristic where the data flows from the input layer to the output layer through several hidden layers without going backward.

DNN consists of a collection of connected ‘nodes’ known as ‘artificial neurons’. Those nodes or artificial neurons resemble neurons in a biological brain. Collection of connected nodes in neural network called ‘hidden layers’; this the place where the input data is processed so that it can produce the output.


(Another) Text Analytics of Fleet Foxes’s Songs Using Python Programming Language

Shore Album Vinyl

Remember when we all thought 2020 would be better than 2019? It turns out that this year is much worse. From February when Covid-19 started to spread all over the world until the last couple of months, it’s been a tough year. Lot of things happen this year, the virus; people get sick and die, George Floyd, Kobe, Glenn Fredly, American Presidential Election, and much more.

We can all agree that 2020 is kind of a nightmare, but every nightmare has a break. 2020 maybe not that bad at all, especially for me and for you as fans of the…

Various colors of ballons as an example of unlabeled data.

Sorry, no opening. I assume you already know what’s clustering and what the purpose of this thing, so let’s jump straight to the tutorial.

Or if you still confused about the definition and the purpose of clustering in data analysis, you can check out this link:

Import the library.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from sklearn.cluster import KMeans
from sklearn import datasets

Load the dataset.

iris = pd.read_csv('iris.csv')

Yeah, we’re going to use the iris dataset. It’s a pretty good dataset for beginner purposes to learn machine learning.

In Depth Analysis

Text Analytics of Fleet Foxes’s Songs Using R Programming Language

Fleet Foxes (2007)

I’m a fan of Fleet Foxes. I’ve known them since not for so long; I remember stumbled upon their hit ‘Blue Ridge Mountains’ on Spotify and since that time the track, the album and the band become my all-time favorites.

The one thing that I like about Fleet Foxes is their lyrics is always have a deep meaning and sometimes can drive me into an eternal space of refreshment. Their lyrics is full of energizing vibe and tone, but on the other hand, their lyrics also can become so full of sadness and worries.

In this article, I want to…

And when the farmer has got his house, he may not be the richer but the poorer for it, and it be the house that has got him. — Henry David Thoreau (Walden)

It was the night when I just finished making a burger for my dinner. It was a cheap-looking burger with buns, chicken patties and some vegetables which I recently bought from nearest store.

An illustration of my cheap-looking burger.

At first, I didn’t want to eat my burger dinner right away. I put my burger besides my laptop on my desk. I keep it still, didn’t bother to eat right away because I…

Social media is another dimension of human being life existence, or you can say it is your second virtual life.

Social media plays a big role in our daily habits. After Facebook released worldwide, the world slowly changed it’s concept of living and connection from previously offline to online.

We can’t deny that social media brought a huge impact for the fundamental of technology itself.

Later, it’s not just Facebook that stand alone as a social media platform, a few years later, there were some platforms that also developed and became huge — Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and a few more.

Among educators, the best way to understand knowledge possessed by student in a particular course is by making an assessment during the final course or term. Traditional assessment such as time constrained paper based closed-book examination is the popular method used by teachers and professors across country.

Most of the questions begin with the keywords like define, explain, list, describe and differentiate. These keywords are used to evaluate lower level learning, memorized by students.

This traditional assessment methods are able to test students based on rote learning, which is not that much useful to measure the student learning based on…

I believe that every single human in this world has their own destination. One of those human came to this world and become a successful businessman, a smart tech guy who own a big startup company or maybe just become a regular dad with regular job but has a happy family. Nobody knows when, where and what is your destination could be?

It’s a secret.

And, there is no trick to reveal this secret. The only thing you need to do is just go with the flow. Let the flow brings you to your destination, but always remember; you should…

Most people of twencent use the social media to build a network with other people. But, have you ever wondered what’s the difference between social media and social network? What did they have in common?

Well, trying to understand the difference of social media and social network isn’t that easy. Many people got misunderstood about the definition of two of them. I’m here, try to explain everything that I have in my brain about it.

Social Media

Before knowing the definition of social media, you should take a look for what is media stands for. Media is huge field to transmits one…

Since I deleted all of my social media account, my life seems to get more easier.

I don’t have to check new likes from my post. I don’t have to make a try to reply someone elses comment. I don’t even need to care about someone elses holiday, which their photos were splattered around my home feed.

My life is free from those less important things.

Leaving social media is not easy for everybody. After I quit the socmed, I tried to convince my friend to quit too, and it was so hard.

But, it is up to him. I…

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